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Driving from the age of 16,5 years!

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Welcome to De Gouden Raaf.

Welcome to the web site of driving school de Gouden Raaf, with more than 10 years experience in educating new drivers.

Through this web site it is possible to make an easy but important choice. This because de Gouden Raaf will ensure you to get your driving license as quickly and safely as possible.

As it is becoming busier and busier on the Dutch roads, a well-trained (future) car driver needed in the busy every day traffic life

That is why it is so important to follow driving classes that will help you step by step, taught by a qualified and experienced instructor.
Driving school de Gouden Raaf is the right fit for you: the school will teach you how to drive step by step successfully and independently.


  • Driving lessons Step by Step

  • Skilled and well-educated instructor

  • High passing Rate !

  • High quality and patient instructor

  • You don’t have to WAIT LONG to do an exam !

  • SRB Recognized driving school

  • 90 minutes lesson

You can take driver license lessons at Autorijschool De Gouden Raaf in

  • Den Haag

  • Leidschenveen

  • Voorburg

  • Leidschendam

  • Delft

  • Nootdorp

  • Rijswijk

  • Pijnacker

  • Zoetermeer

Tell a Friend

Currently there are two special deals in place:
– Request a first free driving class (no charge)
– Tell a friend* is a special deal where you can recommend someone to follow driving classes with de Gouden Raaf and you will receive €25 in exchange for that.
* Ask the driving instructor for the terms.

Get your drivers license?

This is a timetable we like to see.

  • 1. Trial Lesson

  • 2. Advice from the driving instructor

  • 3. Take driving lessons

  • 4. Study theory and do an exam

  • 5. Mid-term practical examinations

  • 6. Doing practical examinations

Driving from the age of 16,5?

On November 1st, 2011, the 2toDrive started. With 2toDrive you can already start your practical exam for the car at the age of 17. If you end up passing the exam, you are allowed to drive with an instructor next to you. From the age of 18, you are allowed to drive independently without an instructor. Who are allowed to participate? You don’t have to wait anymore till the age of 18 to participate in the theory and practical exams.

From the age of 16, you are allowed to take the theory exam. If you pass this one, it stays valid for 1.5 years. From the age of 16.5, you are allowed to take driving classes. Have you passed your exams? Then you can drive from the age of 18 with an instructor next to you. You are allowed to have at least 1 instructor and a maximum of 5 instructors.

Your instructors have to be administered on your instructor card. You can apply for this card at www.2todrive.nl. From the age of 18, you are allowed to drive independently.

Normal Exam

  • Most people do this exam

  • Possible from the age of 17

  • Duration is 55 minutes

Failure Exam

  • If you have a fear of exams

  • Possible from the age of 17

  • Duration is 80 minutes (including 35 minute driving)

The difference.

What is different from the failing exam?
You will get an examiner trained in guiding people with failure. There is more time to make you comfortable. And during the ride, you can ask for a timeout.

What will be tested?

  • Control of the car

  • : Viewing behavior

  • Priority grant

  • Capture

  • In and out

  • Driving at intersections and roundabouts

  • Operations

Number of graduates!



Average percentage examination location: Rijswijk


Average percentage first exam at De Gouden Raaf


Average percentage resit exam at De Gouden Raaf


Voor mij was het rijden bij de Gouden  Raaf een ontzettend goede en leerzame ervaring. Ik kan zelf behoorlijk
zenuwachtig worden als ik fouten maken maar tijdens de lessen stelde. Ashna mij gerust waardoor ik rustig verder kon rijden. Ik kreeg hierdoor steeds meer zelfvertrouwen en heb daardoor ook mijn examen in één keer
gehaald. Yay! De lessen waren niet alleen goed maar ook gezellig, dus zeker een aanrader! Heel erg bedankt Ashna!

How to get driving license in Netherlands? First you need to pass your theory exam and then take a drving lesson from “Autorijschool de Gouden Raaf”! Why “Autorijschool de Gouden Raaf”? The slagingspercentage is real and Ashna really teach me how to drive safely on Dutch road. I came from another big driving school and failed the exam. Not because I’m suck at driving lol but because my nerv and they don’t teach me properly. On that day when I failed, I contacted Ashna and asked him to teach me. The way to look on the road (scan), the speed on the road, how to take corner and look properly and how to give priority are very different from my ex-teacher. Now I know why I failed. Finally I passed the exam!!! I even dare to look for a car without parking camera now 🙂 Thank you very much Ashna!!!

Ik heb ontzettend fijne en leerzame lessen gehad bij de Gouden Raaf. Ik heb goed en veilig leren rijden waardoor ik nu vol zelfvertrouwen alleen de weg op kan! Een aanrader voor iedereen, bedankt!

Ik ben ontzettend blij dat ik voor rijschool De Gouden Raaf heb gekozen en in 1 keer geslaagd ben.

Ashna is een goede leraar die duidelijk kan uitleggen en er voor zorgt dat je elke les iets nieuws leert.

Ik raad iedereen aan om rijlessen te volgen bij De Gouden Raaf.


Bedankt voor je Geduld & handige Tips.
Ondanks wat moeite vanuit mij uit, is het toch uiteindelijk gelukt.
Ashna is een goede instructeur.
De Gouden Raaf is zeker een goede aanrader als je wilt leren rijden.

Succes in de toekomst.

– Ryan

I want to thank De Gouden Raaf and personally Ashna for his training which helped me to get my new driving license ! Thanks to his recommendations and guidance I obtained necessary skills which are needed to drive in the Netherlands with numerous bicycles around you… I recommend the school to everybody who needs a good teacher – patient, kind but still demanding, what is necessary to get good results.

With best wishes to Ashna and his school,

And good luck to all his students !


Vandaag geslaagd!

Mijn ervaring met deze rijschool.

Ashna bouwt bij elke les goed en rustig op.

Hij werkt als t ware echt met de leering naar het examen toe!

Ik vondt het altijd fijn dat ik gewoon lekker mezelf kon zijn tijdens de lessen!

Een gesprek tussen het leren door is altijd motiveerend aangezien het dan niet saai is!

Ik ben ook in 1x geslaagd en ben blij met hoe het is gegaan, hiervoor nog bedankt ashna!

Kortom, het is zeker een goede rijschool!

Prices | Exams

Driving classes are €47,50 (incl. taxes) per 60 minutes. Note: each class is 90 minutes

At the moment the theory exam exists of three parts:

  • 40 questions regarding the law and traffic rules
  • 25 questions regarding recognition of dangers
  • One part about the recognition of dangers: 25 questions
  • One part about traffic rules: 30 questions
  • One part about traffic insight and risks/dangers: 10 questions
    1. You pass this section if you answer at least 12 out of 25 questions correctly in the recognition of dangers section
    2. You pass this section if you answer at least 35 out of 40 questions correctly in the section of traffic rules and traffic insight
  • The questions will be asked on a Computer/TV screen in a big hall at a central location. It is also possible to read the questions along, besides listening to them
  • You can answer the question by tapping on one of the buttons in front of the TV

Bring with you to the Theory Exam

  • A valid ID or Passport

Bring with you to the Practical Exam

  • The card provided by the agency, a valid ID or Passport and self-reflection form

Parts practical exam
Getting familiar with the examiner of the agency – check papers, some short questions, reading license plates, checking lights, liquids, etc. After that the driving part for about 35 minutes. Finally, reflection and result

Eerste examen €220
Herexamen €210
Examen BNOR €300
Faalangstexamen €325
Theorie-examen €53
Theorie-examen verlengt €65

€47,50 for a single lesson (60 minutes). An intake lesson of 90 minutes is €60

What are you waiting for ?

Choose a package of your choice and before you know you have already begun to obtain your driving license!




lesson hours




lesson hours




lesson hours




lesson hours




lesson hours

Contact me.


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T: +31(0)6 10 10 86 28

M: info@degoudenraaf.nl